About Us

While we have been waiting for the end of Covid we have had plenty of time to think about many things, including what is important to us. For me, it truly is leaving this planet better than when I arrived.

When I moved to the Boundary area in 1978, I fell in love not only with the beauty of the area, but the bounty it had to offer. I came here with the motivation to teach my children how to grow a garden, how to can and process foods, how to be a part of this country life, how to treat the animals and to appreciate where our food comes from. I always told my kids: if we don't make things better, we don't care about the future, or the people coming after us. This is now a bigger reality than I ever thought it would be. With global warming, rising temperatures, floods, and superbugs resistant to antibiotics what are we leaving behind? This way of life was in my blood from a young age, and something I wanted to share with my children while we have time. The first thing I did when I moved to Greenwood was build my first greenhouse and start a big garden.

Baking bread, making jam and pickles, showing off your veggies and flowers and any other talents you may have is what Rock Creek Fair, and this area is all about. You can find everything you need here. If you don't garden, you know someone who does, if you don't raise your own meat, you know someone who does. I knew this area was where I needed to be. I learned that we have a short growing season in some areas of the Boundary. I enjoyed the challenges the Boundary was giving me, and I soon realized I wanted a bigger greenhouse. I grew anything and everything.

Then I was given an opportunity to try two organic gardening products that were very different from what I knew and could be revolutionary for the planet. Being part of the feedback after trying the products could prove to be an interesting process. Hypochlorous acid is an organic electrolyzed product that can kill pathogens, deal with biofilm and mold. I had to try it. To my amazement and surprise the Grow Activator was doing something to my crop that I couldn't exactly say. The plants looked healthier, were growing a bit faster. This was intriguing. Now they had my attention and we started using the Grow Booster, an electrolyzed organic fertilizer made with water. Using the Booster alongside the Activator, was something you couldn't ignore. After the first year of trying these products, I tried growing more plants and trying more things. That is when everything changed for me. We used the Activator for everything; sanitizing pots, trays, plants, surfaces, and more. The same went for the Booster, we used it for more than feeding in the soil or foliar feeding. The more I used these products, the more I had to learn about them. I wondered why we weren't using them for everything if they boost the immunities of plants, and animals, as well as humans with no harm to the planet.

We could change how we have been doing things to our planet. I had to do more to get these products and information out there. With Covid infecting the world, mutating, and not going away I wanted be a part of this and help not only spread the word to help the Boundary area and the people that make it unique, but everyone I could reach. Hypochlorous protects us from viruses, bacterial infections, heals wounds, and more. World Health Organization knows how important Hypochlorous acid is to humans as well as the world. Our white blood cells make Hypochlorous and go after that viral infection, so nothing to fear. It is 80-100 times more effective than bleach or Lysol and can stop mutations. We all should be using Hypochlorous acid to stay safe at home, or work or your own business. With food costs going up, you can save your dollars by washing your fruits and veggies so they last longer because you kill all the pathogens on them.

Food producers, think of the money you can make as well as food you can save. If you raise animals, you can boost their immunities, as well as eliminate biofilm by treating the water. Healthier animals save time and money. Have Hypochlorous on hand for wound care of animals as well as humans, skin issues, equipment sanitizing, and more. If you have an orchard, vineyard, or garden, Grow Activator and Grow Booster can be your best Organic solution to charge your abilities and crops! I want everyone to have access to a better and cleaner future for us all and the crops we grow. A greener and cleaner choice for our planet! It is more than time to do something different, because what we have been doing isn't working. Bee Leaf It!