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My Testimonial about Safe Grow Products

I have been a Licensed Producer for over 15 years, using hydro and soil. We have tried a variety of different fertilizer brands and horticulture products over the years. Two years ago, I tried two new products, SAFEGrow Activator and Booster. The Activator is a horticulture cleanser and we used it to clean everything for seeds, seedlings, mature plants, all surfaces of the grow rooms, water, soil, equipment, ducting, hard surfaces, etc. We noticed that if we kept the plants and grow room clean, the plants became much healthier. We started using the Booster after we started using the Activator. The Booster definitely made the plants healthier as well. It took only about 3 weeks of using both the Activator and the Booster for us to start seeing positive changes in the plants. We never changed anything else in our system when we used the SAFEGrow products.

With being both indoor and outdoor soil growers, we always seemed to have a few thrips. We previously tried many things to completely get rid of them with no success until we cleaned with the Activator. The more of the products we used, the less work we had to do. We started to watch our room more, and intervene less. The plants grew faster, needed less water, looked and smelled healthier and, most of all, they finished two weeks sooner every cycle. The plants have become so strong, they grow much taller, more robust, need no trellises, higher quality, and produce more. The money we saved on electricity due to the shorter grow time (at least 18 hours less) was much more than the cost of buying the SAFEgrow products, not to mention the additional benefits to our plants, ourselves and our planet! Why wouldn't you use it?