Food Processing & Services

Food Processing Plants

One in six people become ill, and 3000 people die each year from food-borne Pathogens. Hypochlorous can eliminate contaminants on equipment, and produce quickly and effectively. Avoid costly recalls.

Download PDF - Application of electrolysed oxidising water as a sanitiser to extend the shelf-life of seafood products: a review

Restaurants and food trucks

Restaurants and food trucks can benefit as well. Super safe to use around customers, staff, as well as yourself. Hypochlorous is proven to kill pathogens 80 - 100% more effectively than bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, or Alcohol. Eliminating exposure to harsh chemicals & because it is PH neutral it won't harm plexiglass or equipment.

Markets & Grocers

Consumers regularly handle fresh produce, and can pass on contaminants. Hypochlorous can be used in grocery settings to kill these bacteria. Misting the produce will eliminate biofilm, but substantially prolong its shelf life because mold and bacteria are eliminated. Therefore, you decrease waste and increase profits.