Schools & Daycares

Hypochlorous is a powerful bactericide yet safe. It is proven to reduce the spread of germs or allowing them to fester. It has been reported that regular use of Hypochlorous has reduced absences from school by 46%. Electrostatic spraying fully disinfects areas in minutes covering all surfaces in high traffic areas such as in school buses, bathrooms, lunchrooms, and hallways.

Studies on the Disinfecting Action of Hypochlorous Acid Gas and Sprayed Solution of Hypochlorite against Bacterial Aerosols on JSTOR

Care Homes & Retirement Centers

The emergence of antibiotic resistant organisms along with prolonged use of medical devices pose a great threat to the vulnerable elderly patient population. Cross contamination between patients is common partly because facilities typically do not have the ability to isolate infections due to space limitations.

Churches & Libraries

Electrostatic spraying covers all the hard to reach areas in minutes. There are no harmful residuals and is non-caustic.