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Grow Activator 500 PPM (208 ltr)

Brand: The Safe Disinfectant Company Inc.

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Safe Grow Activator is a plant’s best friend.
PH Balanced cleaner
Foliar spray
System De-scaler
All natural flush
Root zone Optimizer
Redox Potential
Eco Friendly
Concentrated Horticulture Cleanser

From seed to harvest – Soil, Hydroponics and Aeroponics.
Cleanser for HVAC, grow rooms, seeds, plant roots, growth media, misting/irrigation lines, foliar spray
Equipment: Ultrasonic humidifiers, DWC Hydroponic systems, equipment & non-porous hard surfaces.
Non-hazardous, Non-Irritant, Organic, Vegan, and Environmentally Friendly.
See SKU on bottle for all protocols.

Shipping Details:
Must not freeze or exceed 100C

208-liter drum

Use only stainless or plastic pumps so that there are no corrosion issues. Very important is to keep your Hypochlorous acid sealed as circulating air will denature it. As well, freezing or overheating it will render it useless. 2 years shelf life.

Safety Data Sheet

Grow Activator 500 PPM (208 ltr)