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Grow Booster (20L)

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Brand: The Safe Disinfectant Company Inc.

Cytokinins and auxins are fountains of youth for plants.

Safe Grow Booster is a plant’s best friend.
-          Nutrient booster
-          Seeding and rooting
-          Soil booster
-          All natural
-          Cytokinins and auxins
-          Vegan
-          Transplanting
-          Eco-friendly
-          Seaweed blend in aqueous solution

Shipping Details:
Must not freeze or exceed 100C

208-liter drum, 1000-liter tote
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Bottle
$298.95/20 liter

If you are ordering in large quantities or drum size (208 liter) or tote size (1000 liter), please contact us for discounted pricing.

Grow Booster is a mixture of concentrated plant supplements and kelp that are micro clustered in electrolyzed water. It increases absorption by the plant's cells. 3 years shelf life. 

Safety Data Sheet

Grow Booster (20L)Grow Booster (20L)