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No Rinse Food-Grade 200ppm (750ml)

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Brand: The Safe Disinfectant Company Inc.

750ml. Spray Bottle Good for Food Processing and Food Plant use.

Shipping Details:
Must not freeze or exceed 100C

Minimum Order Quantity is 1 bottle
$10.95/750ml bottle

If you are ordering in large quantities or drum size (208 liter) or tote size (1000 liter), please contact us for discounted pricing.

Use only stainless or plastic pumps so that there are no corrosion issues. Very important is to keep your Hypochlorous acid sealed as circulating air will denature it. As well, freezing or overheating it will render it useless. 2 years shelf life.

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Directions for use:  

Soak into, spray on or apply using a cloth.  There is NO NEED to dry, rinse or wipe off kitchen cutting boards, dishes, utensils, cups, and glassware before using them with food and drinks.  It tastes much better than other Food-Safe Sanitizers.  Let stand for 1 minute before using again.  

You can sanitize your face mask without rinsing and after it is air-dried, you can again use it.

For more potency you can use the HOSPITAL GRADE SAFE Disinfectant (500ppm) which has a Health Canada Drug Identification Number and is also on the Health Canada Covid list.

This product is extremely SAFE, yet potent against pathogens!

This is a product with highly potent solutions with an extended shelf life.  Natural, Hypoallergenic, Alcohol-Free, Animal Friendly, Eco-Friendly, and Cruelty-Free.

HOCl is now used on major cruise ships, airports, schools, and offices. HOCl is:

Ultrasafe, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, fragrant-free for the most sensitive. It kills black mold and does not cause Pathogens to mutate.

APPLICATIONS:  Ready to use in restaurants and other food establishments.  Rinsing is not required. 

No Rinse Food-Grade 200ppm (750ml)