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Vertical Hydroponic Grow Tower

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Brand: The Safe Disinfectant Company Inc.

Grow ORGANIC produce in your own hydroponic garden! 

Create a relaxing atmosphere with water sounds, and greenery while improving indoor air quality. Can also be used to grow plants for future transplant to an outdoor garden.

Choose between 6, 8, or 10 layers (48, 64, 80 planting capabilities accordingly).

Easy to assemble, food safe materials. 30 L Nutrition Feed Tank.

Each Tower Kit Includes: Tower components, waterline piping, adjustable pump, Plastic netted baskets and timer.

DEPENDING ON KIT OPTION: (avail: 6, 8 or 10 layers):

Water Pump:  110 -440V

Package Weight: 39.7lbs

Shipped in TWO packages:

  1. 8" x 17.72" x 13.78"
  2. 56" x 27.56" x 9.84"

Tank Capacity: 30L

Dimensions:  26.4" Diam. x 43.31"/55.12"/66.93" 

Planting Holes: 48/64/80


All sales final. Exchange of factory defective items will be honored if our customer service department is contacted within 6 MONTHS of purchase. Our customer service department will issue an exchange ticket along with a return shipping label. Items must be returned in original packaging.

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Vertical Hydroponic Grow Tower